Checking One Off the Bucket List

WHIITEWe’re moving abroad.

I’ve always wanted to say that. I can’t believe it’s happening in a few weeks. And while it sounds glamorous, the truth is getting here has not been all that pretty.

A year ago, things at my house were not going well. I got a call at work one day to pick up my youngest son from school because he was sick. When we got home, I was surprised to find my husband there. I was even more surprised to learn he had left his corporate job that day for good.

I was worried about money, stability and the state of our marriage. It didn’t occur to me that day that what he was doing would make us happier in the long run.

He wanted to do something he was passionate about. He had been a career serviceman, and the calling never left him. I was the one who had grown weary of deployments and danger. He was being recruited to go back to flying helicopters, something he loved. It meant taking a job across the country, away from me and the kids for most of the year. It was a leap of faith for all of us.

Now that the bumpy part is over, it’s easier to say that the distance made us stronger. We hashed out the things that had been bothering us and decided to start checking things off of our bucket lists.

That’s how we end up here, planning a move to Croatia. And this is the beginning of my story of life in the jump seat: when a pilot’s life lets go and lets life take off.

P.S. You’ll be hearing more soon about Sarge, my husband. I let him have veto power over this post, and he said he was OK with it. Except I left out one part: He was right. Sarge told me months ago that everything was going to be all right, and I didn’t believe him. But he was right.

24 thoughts on “Checking One Off the Bucket List

  1. Tanya – you & your family are amazing! I look forward to following you on your travels and when you return safely home.


  2. Tanya, I am looking forward to the many adventures that you and the family will experience. Your experience as a writer will not doubt make us all feel like we are right there by your side. Good Luck and safe travels as you begin the next chapter of your life!

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  3. Tanya….i finally dug into your blog and saw you MOVED to Croatia!! Wow!! I thought you were just doing a trip! Looking forward to following your adventures! Maybe I will make it there someday. I hear it is beautiful!


  4. In life many times, things take a turn suddenly. At that moment one is apprehensive of the future, but things turn out for the best in the end and one can look back with satisfaction. All the best for all future endeavors, I am sure you will rock.


  5. Congrats on your move abroad! It must feel amazing to cross this off your bucket list.Wish you luck and hope you have amazing adventures ahead!


  6. Hi Tanya, I think it takes a few seconds for life to turn upside down. This is something you experienced too. But you know life always changes for the better. The past looks like a journey to the better present. I wish you and your family all the luck in the future!


  7. Tanya, I know how unpredictable life is at times . Seeing your husband at home leaving corporate job and son sick simultaneously, have been a tough time. But when one door closes, surely second opens. And here it is in front of you. Congratulations! Your one dream is fulfilled. Best wishes. Looking forward to hear more.


  8. It all works out Tanya. I have realized this several times in my life but still get anxious …I suppose it is the x chromosome effect. Glad you are now in a better place. Cheers to your move


  9. Pretty sure it all works out in the end. Have moved several times in my life and its been a pain everytime. However despite my worst fears it all worked out pretty well. Hopefully you’ll have a great time ticking this off your bucket list!


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